Attribution & Data Visualization

Your campaign looks great, but is it working? Attribution helps us identify the impact of marketing efforts on sales, conversions, and other goals, and how we can maximize your ROI. Rather than share a mountain of complex data, our visualization tools present results more easily to stakeholders, so you can make more informed decisions.

Get a clear understanding of how your
investments are translating into tangible results.

The more you know, the more you grow

At JSBMedia, we don’t wonder if a channel can drive results, we know it. Data analysis and attribution models give us evidence-based insight into which channels and messaging strategies drive customer engagement and sales, and how your brand can leverage them to maximize ROI. When it comes to driving tangible campaign performance online, knowledge is power.

Clearer data, clearer decisions

Analytics can be a gamechanger for your brand, but not if you can’t decipher them. At JSBMedia we use data visualization to quickly identify how campaigns are performing and what can be optimized to drive greater results, in an easily digestible way. No confused stakeholders. Just a visible path to growth.

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of your investment?

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